Don’t Be Afraid to Fail After all, Confucius, a renowned Chinese philosopher has rightly said, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.”..So doing the same thing over and over again will surely lead you through a safe journey, but it won’t lead to any breakthroughs. As in life, similar it is in businesses- if you never fail, you will probably miss out on some important lessons in life. It just isn’t possible to find out God’s plan for your life without making a few mistakes along the way. History books are filled with stories of great men and women who did incredible things, but before they reached their goals, they all had moments where they failed.Thomas Edison tried two thousand different experiments before he successfully invented the light bulb. Can you say persistent? Abraham Lincoln lost several elections before he became president of the United States. We wouldn’t have heard of either of these men if they had quit before they achieved success.🧏‍♀️God has created us to keep moving toward His plan for our lives. He wants us to face new challenges, try new things, experiment, and be creative. So don’t be afraid when you fail—your success might be just around the corner (Psalm 37:23-24; Romans 5:3-4). Let’s be brave enough to keep trying and not worry. Don t be afraid of failure it is only natural to have an occasional hiccup, or hit a dead end, or take a wrong turn, It all works for the best in the end! Romans 8:28Let`s pray🙏Father, please help me be brave enough to try again, even after I mess up or face failure. Thank You for being my strength and my endurance in every moment. In Jesus’ Name, amen.Hope you`re having a great day Rev Cynthia🌺

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Cynthia Gosney

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